HBEU Status Data( by March 2017)

南方彩票Campus area: about 1.16 million square meters

南方彩票Campus floor area: 0.73 million square meters

Library collection of books: 1.46 million

In-service staff: 1203

南方彩票Full-time teachers: 853

Part-time teachers: 70

南方彩票Doctor degree holders: 249

Master degree holders: 400

南方彩票Students: 23000

南方彩票Undergraduate students: 20768

南方彩票International students: 11

Employment rate of undergraduate students: 92%

Schools: 17

Undergraduate specialties: 66

Disciplines with master's degree programs under construction: 4

南方彩票Hubei provincial key disciplines: 5

Hubei provincial key laboratories: 3

南方彩票Hubei Collaborative Innovation Center: 1

University New Countryside Development Research Institute: 1

南方彩票Key Research Base of Humanities and Social Sciences for Colleges and Universities: 3

Hubei Provincial University-Enterprise Cooperation Research Center: 10